Although the pandemic and fires of 2020 delayed the bid process for the 2019 allocation, progress was being made.  The drawings were prepared for the upper third of the structure, where the most significant damage is located.  With full funding, all phases of the refurbishment will be consolidated into one project, rather than the original phased approach.  

The construction bid package is being compiled to be released to prospective historic restoration companies.  While the CSPA doesn’t as yet have a bid package release date, we do have a timeline for how it will roll out:
Day 0 – bid package released
Day 60 – bids due
Day 120 – contract awarded

We realize that completion of this project is still 18+ months away, yet, we continue to be excited for this renovation campaign.  And, as with any construction project, the building work is only part of the process. There is still much to be done to prepare to reopen the tower to the public. California State Parks is re-establishing an advisory committee to help define and create the necessary infrastructure that will be needed to support visitors after the tower is reopened. 

Please check our Restoration page for updates on this project. You can also follow the park’s Facebook page which includes posts with incredibly beautiful pictures of this iconic place.

Thank you for your support for Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park.