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Interested in joining CSPA’s Board of Directors? We welcome your application!

Read below for information on what it means to be on the board, including responsibilities and expectations. Then, download an application, complete it, and send it in. We will contact you shortly.

New directors are elected to the board by current directors. Applicants are interviewed by multiple members of the board before the applicant’s election is considered at a board meeting.

CSPA’s directors are volunteers committed to supporting California State Parks and Beaches along the Pacific coast of San Mateo County. You have probably already read these pages, but you may wish at this time to review About Us for an overview of CSPA and Board of Directors for a description of CSPA’s organization.

Directors are responsible for:

  • participating in regular board meetings
  • participating in other ad hoc board meetings, board retreats, and consulations via email
  • evaluating budget requests from State Parks and allocating CSPA funds at the board's January meeting and as needed throughout the year
  • ensuring that board actions and expenditures meet all legal and fiscal requirements
  • staying well informed about the State Parks in CSPA's area and about their long- and short-term needs.

The Board of Directors meets in odd-numbered months—i.e., every other month. Meetings are in Half Moon Bay on a Wednesday evening and typically last two-to-three hours.

The term of office is nominally three years, but varies between 2 years 8 months and 3 years 6 months depending on the time of year the director is first elected. In all cases, a term ends at the conclusion of a March meeting. Consecutive terms of office are limited to two.

Officers of the board are elected annually at the March meeting. Each director is strongly encouraged to serve as an officer at some time during his or her term.

Directors are expected to serve on one or more of CSPA’s committees. It is mostly through the work of these committees that programs and events approved by the board are accomplished.

Directors are asked to assist with fund-raising events, festivals, and other events. Examples are Seal Adventures and Coastal Wildflower Day.


Directors are selected from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines to provide varied skills necessary for the board’s mission and activities. Skill in any of the following areas would be desirable for a new director:

  • Leadership ability to help board members operate as a team and to ensure a successful cooperative relationship with State Parks
  • Ability to work as a member of a team and cooperate to achieve common goals
  • Familiarity with the local State Parks and willingness to learn more
  • Experience with and interest in fundraising
  • Fiscal and accounting background and ability
  • Experience in merchandising, sales and advertising
  • Record-keeping skills suitable for keeping minutes and maintaining the board's records
  • Writing and editing skills appropriate for helping with newsletters, press releases, board correspondence, and volunteer training materials
  • Knowledge of, or experience with, the operations of other non-profit organizations
  • Experience writing grant applications and knowledge of suitable grant opportunities
  • Legal knowledge appropriate for advising on legal issues that may affect the board

Ready to Complete an Application?

Please download this PDF Form. If opened in a recent version of Adobe Reader, the form may be completed using Reader’s “Fill & Sign” tools found in the upper-right corner of its window. Otherwise, simply print the pdf file and complete it by hand. Directions for submittal are on the form. Thank you!