The Park Store at Half Moon Bay State Beach shares space with the visitor center. The store is staffed Friday through Monday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. depending on the amount of traffic at the beach or in the parking lot.

Merchandise in the store is representative of the cultural and natural history of the area.  Best sellers are definitely the stuffed animals including otters, sea lions and harbor seals. Clothing, books and games as well as postcards fill out the displays. 

Books for all ages are available in all of our stores
(Photo: CSPA archive)
Magnets reflecting the wildlife and activities at the park (Photo: CSPA archive)
Native plant books are available (Photo: CSPA archive)

Plants and Plant Communities of the San Mateo Coast

A self-published reference book of the most common plants found on the San Mateo County Coast
(Photo: CSPA archive)

Volunteers, passionate about the native plants and restoration work on the coast, compiled a reference book for the most common plants that can be found on the San Mateo County coast.  The book has been published by Coastside State Parks for over five years and over 1000 copies have been sold through the three park stores and through a few local non-profit associations.

The book is appropriately sized to fit in a large pocket, back pack or waist pack so that you can take it with you to identify the plants you find on your walks and excursions.