While the title may indicate it is about wildflowers, there is a considerable section on grasses and also a section on trees. 

The book is divided into four parts:  The visual images (in color banded sections); plant data including where the plant is native to, what other name it might be known as, and notes; an index by their most common names and an index by their scientific names; and references.

Bill found many flower identification books have close up images of the wild flower blossom, but omit the rest of the plant.  Additionally, many of the blossoms appear identical to the untrained eye without a powerful magnifying glass.  This work is intended to help remedy that problem.

All the pictures were taken in state and county parks along, and limited to the California middle coastline.  And the book covers only those plants actually seen and photographed.  Research shows that these plants are not limited to just that area, but apply to most of the California coast.

Included at the back of the book is a gallery of the local fauna (yes, mostly elephant seals). 

Again, in Bill's own words as he concludes the book "I started looking at parks with a critical eye, and realised that there is a reason these places were put aside as protected public domain.  They all have a particular beauty."

Thank you Bill for your time and effort to create this book! And for offering it to Coastside State Parks to publish it with you.

Below is a sample page showing two plants -- but please come and visit one of our stores to check the book out yourself.


Sample page from Bill Ketterlin's book "Another Wildflower Book".