In addition to rebuilding the bridge, the plan included raising the superstructure to increase channel flow, to improve drainage and to address a hard transition on the down-hill approach.

The Butano campground is closed December through March, so this winter was an ideal time to work on the bridge.

Damage to decking is coned off, and road marking from USA to identify underground utilities. Photo: CSPA Archives
Work included removing all decking, handrails and posts, then lifting the rail car superstructure to attach 10" tall, steel supports to concrete abutments. Finally, the rail car was lowered and the new supports were welded to the superstructure.  Afterward, new decking, wheel runners and curbs, posts and handrails were installed to complete the job.
No sooner had the decking been removed and the superstructure elevated, a statewide shelter in place order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic threatened delays. However, work continued as this infrastructure upgrade was considered an essential project.
Reduced to its superstructure, the bridge was elevated to ease the transition and improve water flow beneath.
Photo: CSPA Archive.
The superstructure is elevated and steel components are welded into place.
Photo: Courtesy CA State Parks
Progress continues even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo: CSPA Archive
After completion, the transition for the downhill approach has been eased to reduce the impact on the bridge.
Photo: CSPA Archive
The downhill approach to the bridge after completion.
Photo: CSPA Archive
With attention to detail, the sculpted hand-rails make this both a beautiful as well as functional bridge.
Photo: CSPA Archives
The completed bridge.
Photo: CSPA Archive

Thanks very much to you, the Coastside State Park Donors, for your support over the past years. Your generosity allowed us to invest in this upgraded bridge and be ready to open the park when the shelter in place is lifted.

Thank you, also, to the Santa Cruz District Roads and Trails crew for doing such an excellent and beautiful job.