With your generous donations, the Coastside State Parks Association is able to fund dozens of projects every year to assist our local State Parks. Many involve supporting the docent programs, maintaining interpretive signage, beautifying entry stations, improving access to the parks and funding many other day-to-day operations. But this past year, CSPA is particularly proud to have been able to fund several large projects which will improve the visitor experience and keep our parks beautiful and accessible to all. These include:

Replacing the Fog Signal building roof at Pigeon Point Lighthouse

The historic Fog Signal building at Pigeon Point protects the invaluable Fresnel lens, serves as a museum, and, of course, houses the old foghorn. The extreme winter storms this year damaged the roof shingle by shingle until leaks began to develop. The rangers asked for help in replacing the roof and CSPA was able to provide 100% of the funding. In October, a brand-new high-quality roof was completed which will protect the building for decades to come.

Providing funding for a new Lifeguard truck

This year we were proud to be able to fund a brand-new, fully equipped pick-up truck that will be used in support of the popular Junior Guard program, live-saving rescue efforts, as well as general patrol and maintenance. These vehicles are impeccably maintained, but they take a beating in our coastal environment and the current fleet is badly rusted. While the state eventually replaces vehicles, CSPA was able to expedite the funding process and we look forward to seeing the new vehicle on the Coastside next year.

Moving the Montara Beach staircase project forward

The stairs at the north end of Montara Beach have been in disrepair for years forcing rangers to close this access point. Visitors to this popular beach have no safe access at the north end of the beach and resort to climbing down the unsafe, slippery gullies. While this project is far from completion, CSPA was able to get the ball rolling and fund the engineering and design of a new staircase. This is the first step to getting a safe, long term access point constructed.

Launching the Coastal Explorer program

As part of our mission, CSPA seeks to inspire public appreciation of our Coastside parks. We are exceptionally proud to have started the Coastal Explorer program by securing a Route to Parks grant. These funds allowed the parks staff to introduce underserved youth to the ocean, nature, and historic parks along the Coastside. By all accounts, this has been an appreciated and popular program that we aim to continue in the future.

We look forward to next year, and with your help, we’ll be able to continue to support some of the most beautiful parks in the country!