The project brought together a number of partners to brighten up the park and improve visitor safety. Big Creek Lumber donated all of the lumber, all redwood. The Park Champions program, of the California State Parks Foundation, coordinated the labor.  Coastside State Parks Association (CSPA) funded the non-lumber materials like paint, concrete, and tools. Rice Soil Farm of Half Moon Bay donated gravel to reduce erosion on the newly realigned trail pathway.

Work started at Año Nuevo State Park--cutting the picket slats into 3-foot lengths, notching the fence posts for the cross beams, and priming and painting all the lumber—due to space constraints at Pigeon Point. Some minor trail realignment was done because of erosion.

Several  days were needed to finish the priming and painting before the project moved to Pigeon Point for demolition of old fence and construction of the new fence.

The fence is complete
Fence and trail looking away from the lighthouse
Fence and trail looking towards the lighthouse.

Huge thanks to Big Creek Lumber, Rice Soil Farm and the Park Champions for making this happen, and thank you to CSPA donors and supporters.

If you wish to volunteer through the Park Chapions program for projects in local state parks, check out the Park Champions website mentioned below.  All volunteers must be registered with Park Champions at